ERIELL Group announced on May 10 it has won a tender from Uz-Kor Gas Chemical and signed a contract to work on 150 wells at the Surgil field in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, northwestern Uzbekistan. The tender involves ERIELL Group  carrying out workovers and side-tracking works at the bottom of the Aral Sea.

ERIELL Group RBU Central Asia head Bakhrambek Ismailov noted that despite many technical and logistical challenges, his company was able to complete the required works successfully and on time. “I believe our dynamic and highly efficient team was instrumental in unlocking the full potential of these assets and providing feedstock for the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex. Collaboration between ERIELL Group and Uz-Kor Gas is yet another example of achieving stable gas supplies from the country’s own resources, producing value added products as well as satisfying Uzbekistan’s growing energy needs,” he said.

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