In early 2018, the SYRIZA government in Greece, announced “the biggest corruption scandal of all time” that involved top members from the previous centre-right government. These included 10 prominent politicians, two ex-prime ministers, the governor of the Central Bank of Greece, the then-Commissioner of Greece in the EU and six other ex-ministers who were accused by three whistleblowers of “accepting bribes” from the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, Novartis.

The announcement was made with triumphant overtures by Dimitris Papangelopoulos, the then-alternate Minister of Justice, after having consulted with former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. More than two years later, the whole case has backfired. SYRIZA has lost power and Papangelopoulos faces charges as the orchestrator of illegal practices and of involving members of the judiciary in an effort to frame political opponents.

Most of the politicians that were initially accused have already been acquitted.

The newest development involves a settlement between Novartis and American authorities for briberies across the globe. The settlement agreement only focuses on the malpractices of doctors and officials of Greek public hospitals. The only “officials” that the agreement refers to are doctors and medical experts. The deal does not refer to any politicians at all.

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