Following the start of the COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, Alberto Troccoli, the managing director of World Energy & Meteorology Council at the School of Environmental Studies at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, told New Europe on November 2 that clean energy technologies are important to keep net zero goals by 2050 within reach and reversing the effects of climate change.

“I think the 2050 target is a good target. I don’t think that we can achieve net zero by 2050. It will probably be a bit beyond, but a lot depends on the new technologies and, obviously, the strict targets. The targets, for example, to get rid of petrol vehicles by 2030 in the UK or Europe. That’s a very strong incentive…The storage and use of hydrogen – and in some cases, nuclear as well – increases the share of nuclear in countries where they have it and have planned for it. Then, of course, current coal plants, like in Germany, still have a few but they are planning to shut them down finally,” Troccoli said.

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