The European Investment Bank (EIB) fully supports the EU space program, which can play a key role in boosting the bloc’s efforts to battle climate change and curbing CO2 emissions, EIB Vice President Ambroise Fayolle told a press event during the online 13th European Space Conference on January 13. Responding to a question on the link between EIB plans to invest in the EU space sector and EU climate policies, Fayolle reminded that the EIB has transformed itself into a climate bank

and has set very ambitious targets at the end of last year, significantly increasing the volume of climate change projects. “The fact that as of 2021 we have a number of projects that have to Paris-aligned and all this make the EIB extremely sensitive to the issue of climate change. When you see also the debate that took place at the European Council, for example, the link to how do we transform the green and digital economy as fast and as fair as possible is extremely important. It comes back to the satellites in the way they are key components for critical communication and information-based infrastructure for green society. In particular they are key for all the data that have to be generated,” the EIB Vice President said.

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