The European Union is as dependent on Asian countries, especially China, when it comes to batteries and raw materials for technologies of the future as the EU was dependent on Russia for fossil fuels before the EU Energy Union, European Commission Vice President for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight Maroš Šefčovič said on July 23, noting that the EU wants wean off China’s raw materials.

“We adopted the new industrial strategy in the spring of this year where we focused on the key industrial areas and I’m glad to say that the European Battery Alliance where many of you are working very, very closely is serving as a kind of inspiration, blueprint for many alliances to come,” Šefčovič told a GLOBSEC roundtable on Central and Eastern Europe energy going green, smart and resilient. New Europe participated in the webinar held online with Šefčovič, European Investment Bank (EIB) Vice President Lilyana Pavlova, and CEOs of companies.

“We just launched one on the hydrogen and I hope that in September we will do the same with alliance for the raw materials and I can compare it that we are almost as dependent on the Asian countries, especially China – when it comes to these raw materials we need for the technologies of the future – as we have been before we started with the Energy Union dependent on Russia when it comes to the fossil fuels,” Šefčovič said.

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