The question of Europe’s digital transformation has been a key topic for many of last the Commission confirmation hearings. By the end of the process, it was Margrethe Vestager, with the portfolio “A Europe Fit for the Digital Age” who managed to win the support of all but the conservative political groups in the European Parliament.

Vestager, the Commissioner for Competition and an Executive Vice President-designate, is seen as the one responsible for dragging colossal companies like Google and Facebook through lengthy court proceedings and later had them fined more than €8 billion on three different occasions. During her confirmation hearing, Vestager stated that in the event a global consensus on online tax rules cannot be reached, Europe will take the lead and impose its own rules on those firms.

US President Donald J. Trump has in the past accused Vestager of singling out American companies and has criticized her after she stated that she would thoroughly examine the role of US tech companies in people’s lives.


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