Rosneft Aero, the operator of the jet-fuelling business of Russian oil giant Rosneft, has been awarded a tender for fuelling the aircraft fleet of the largest Turkish air carrier Turkish Airlines in Russian airports until 2020, Rosneft said on 21 June.

According to the Russian oil major, the contract states that the into-plane refuelling is to be performed in Moscow’s Vnukovo, Yekaterinburg’s Koltsovo, Samara’s Kurumoch, and Rostov-on-Don’s Platov airports. The total volume of the jet fuel supplies to Turkish Airlines will amount to 34,500 tonnes.

Rosneft said the oil company covers almost all regions of Russia due to its wide network of refineries and manages direct supplies to a range of foreign airlines and most Russian air carriers.

The cooperation of Rosneft Aero and Turkish Airlines started in 2012 and, according to Rosneft, the companies plan to “expand the geography of their joint activities.

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