The European Union is the first jurisdiction in the world to legislate that there should be no administrative or regulative barriers to corporate renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs), WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson told New Europe.

“That is very positive. We don’t have this in US legislation yet. That’s a very positive signal that the EU can give to other countries,” Dickson said, speaking on the sidelines of the RE-Source 2018 event in Amsterdam on November 20. “PPAs are beginning to happen all over the world and it’s perfectly logical. First, because renewables are becoming the cheapest, have become the cheapest form of new power generation in most of the world now, wind in some countries, solar in other countries depending on the location,” he said.

“You have more and more large industrial and corporate consumers of energy who are turning to renewables and they’re turning to electricity and they want electricity to be driving this,” the WindEurope CEO said, noting that this is how large industrial and corporate consumers of energy are going to become more energy efficient, reduce their CO2 footprint, reduce their emission of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants. “And PPAs are a tool, which enables industrial corporate consumers to lock in their long-term energy process at cheap prices so it makes sense for them,” Dickson said.


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