The European Commission said on March 14 that it has cleared unconditionally under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa by Siemens.

The Commission said it has investigated the impact of the proposed transaction on the onshore and offshore wind turbine markets, where the activities of Siemens and Gamesa overlap. In particular, the Commission has looked at the onshore wind turbine market that is rather fragmented with several large competitors even after the merger. It also looked at the offshore wind turbine market that is more concentrated with Siemens and MHI Vestas being the main competitors.

Spain-based Gamesa is also active in the market through its subsidiary Adwen. However, as the investigation confirmed that Adwen is not a competitive constraint on Siemens, it is unlikely that the transaction will appreciably change the competitive situation, the Commission said, adding that it found that the transaction raises no competition concerns, because a number of credible competitors would remain in this market.

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