Molgas Group: The First Greek Manufacturing Unit Running on LNG

Molgas Group: The First Greek Manufacturing Unit Running on LNG
Τρι, 21 Μαΐου 2024 - 19:26

LNG is reloaded regularly on Blue Grid’s semi-trailers at the truck loading facility of DESFA in Revithoussa. From there, it is transported and delivered by road at the LNG storage and regasification station installed, operated and maintained by Blue Grid within KOLIOS’s premises

Following the actual energy needs of KOLIOS, LNG is converted gradually into gaseous phase, allowing the end-user to consume Natural Gas, without the requirement of a local gas grid connection.

According to Alexandros Lagakos, managing director of Molgas in SEE and managing director of Blue Grid: “this is a valuable new prospect for Greek enterprises, allowing them to reduce their energy bill and emissions, in the absence of access to a local gas grid.

We would like to highlight that since its early stages, the owner of KOLIOS, Nikolaos Kolios, has endorsed this innovative project of switching to LNG. At the same time, we are grateful to Themis Kostopoulos, finance director, and George Christopoulos, technical director, who have substantially supported the successful implementation and operation of the project”.

“In the context of Energy Transition, KOLIOS is already operating a photovoltaic park for covering part of its electricity needs, it is now substituting mazut with LNG for process heat production purposes and soon it completes an anaerobic digestion unit aiming at biogas self-consumption. With the completion of these investments, KOLIOS shall have become one of the most environmentally friendly food industries”, according to Themis Kostopoulos, on behalf of KOLIOS.

Following KOLIOS the next Greek industrial user, Elpack paper mill in Fthiotis, is coming up, again with the support of Molgas Group. Molgas Group, through its subsidiary Blue Grid, is leading the development of this new energy market in the SEE region.

The Group has already achieved some additional milestones for the Greek and regional LNG markets. It has loaded and delivered the first LNG semi-trailer cargo from Revithoussa and continues supplying on a regular basis end-users in 4 different SEE countries. At the same time, it has already completed the construction of the first LNG filling station in Thessaloniki (Sindos area) and is completing in summer the construction of the second LNG filling station in Athens (Thriasio area).

Molgas Group, with Sofoklis Papanikolaou as its CEO, demonstrates more than 25 years of experience in this sector with presence spanning in 12 countries, services more than 210 industrial customers, maintains a network of LNG filling stations of more than 100 locations around Europe, utilizing a fleet of 150 semi-trailers and 8 LNG bunkering vessels.

About Molgas Group

Molgas is a downstream LNG, bioLNG and renewable gases supply and distribution company.

Present in over 10 countries across Europe, Molgas supplies low carbon fuel to end-customers in the Industrial, Mobility, and Marine sectors. Utilizing an extensive asset base consisting of small-scale liquefaction terminals, trucks and semi-trailers, satellite regas plants, road-fueling stations, and bioLNG bunkering vessels, Molgas has an unmatched ability to deliver clean fuels with the highest standards of safety and reliability to a wide range of customers.

Having developed world-class in-house energy sourcing capabilities, Molgas can ensure that delivered fuels are not only clean but also cost-competitive. With over 25 years of experience in operating cryogenic supply chains, Molgas can deliver LNG and bioLNG all over Europe, onshore and offshore, enabling its customers to achieve their decarbonization objectives without
hurting their bottom-line.

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