Türkiye's Karpowership in Talks With European Countries to Supply 2 GW Floating Power Plants

Türkiyes Karpowership in Talks With European Countries to Supply 2 GW Floating Power Plants
Πεμ, 13 Οκτωβρίου 2022 - 13:16

Türkiye's Karpowership is in talks with four European countries to immediately supply 2 gigawatts of floating power plants to ease the continent's energy crisis as the winter arrives, the company said in a statement to Anadolu Agency

Europe is trying to secure power supplies for households and business as the energy crisis has been mounting due to Russia's lower gas flows.

Four leading economies of Europe has started discussions with Karpowership to deploy a portion of its fleet of floating power plants across the region to help ease the crisis, said in the statement.

'As winter approaches and Europe's energy crisis shows little sign of abating, the region is taking steps towards power rationing,' said Zeynep Harezi, Karpowership's Chief Commercial Officer. 'Karpowership has a solution that's affordable, flexible and can be deployed almost immediately to help ease pressure on tight supplies.'

Karpowership has 2 gigawatts of immediately available generation capacity with eight floating power plants which can generate electricity enough to supply 5 million households and support district heating systems.

'Powerships are fully integrated with all the necessary infrastructure onboard and can plug directly into a country's electricity grid in as little as 30 days,' said in the statement.

'If the preferred option is to use existing natural gas assets, dedicated FSRUs are also available for immediate connection to powerships. This helps to reduce regional competition for LNG supplies, maintaining strategic reserves for land-based power plants,' the statement said.

Total capacity of Karpowership's fleet is about 6 gigawatts and the company has been providing electricity floating power plants to a number of countries particularly in Africa, including Cuba and Brasil.

If the discussions reach conclusion with the European countries, this will be the first time for Karpowership to provide floating power plants to the Europe.

(Anadolu Agency, October 13, 2022)

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