Western societies are doubly trapped. The one-way path of no return that they are on, which leads to the New Normal of the now emerging new civilization. The second trap is the new Cold War between the US and China, which will soon evolve into a generalized Cold War between the East and West. This is the Second Cold War in history.

Administrators look at statistics and statistically the world is bankrupt. So what. Leaders look at society and if they do not see a future – a bright future – for it, they are not leaders. They are just upgraded civil servants.

The world is rapidly changing because it reached its limit of tolerance.

“Everything is simple” (Kassandra) and “everything flows” (Dimokritos). Combining the two, you have both the problem and the solution.

The problem is simple. Prolonged austerity and overregulation significantly deteriorated the economic and social conditions of the average citizen of Western nations, who build their future well-being on loans and plastic money. By the end of last year, this rapidly deteriorating situation became critical and the first signs of potential problems surfaced.


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