New Europe was the first mainstream newspaper to assess the aggressive approach launched by Donald Trump against the Communist Party of China some three years ago, which he has managed to turn it into a new Cold War between the United States and China. Whether it is right or wrong is a different issue.


The point is that the US is in a full-fledged Cold War against China and this war is extending into a generalized Cold War by the democratic West against China’s Communist system. In this context, the democratic Western nations, in one way or another, are gradually populating an alliance of the free, while China is finding allies in the remains left over from the collapse of Soviet Communism in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In bringing the situation at the present point-of-no-return, Trump has trapped the next American president, whoever it will be, in a position of having no choice but to continue and intensify the Cold War against China.

The Cold War, until it has no winner, is a win-win situation for both sides, which explains while it is highly unlikely to swift from cold to hot. Indeed, as it goes, it has only a consolidating effect for both sides.

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