The Cold War between the United States and China is getting a further confrontational dimension as China and Iran, the archenemy of the United States, have agreed on a draft agreement providing for an in-depth financial and military partnership that will partially terminate the US imposed international isolation of Iran

with billions of dollars invested in transport infrastructures, telecommunications, banking and other areas, all of which will be paid back with reduced prices on oil sales for the next quarter of a century. This will be enough for Iran to restore its pre-embargo rhythms and develop its nuclear program without any obstacles.

The world turns bi-polar again and pits the alliance of the free against totalitarianism – the coalition of Communist China, North Korea, Iran, and the like.

In the redesigning of the new world order, what remains is for the alliance of the free to invite Russia as a member, because it is no longer a Communist state and we cannot afford the luxury of donating it to China. Russia is a Western-type democracy in the making, and one should not forget that it was Russia which triggered the democratic changes in the Communist world that began with the abolition of Communism in Eastern Europe and ended with the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, it was Moscow, not Brussels, that allowed for the eastward expansion of the European Union.


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