The New European Green Deal can open up new possibilities for development, employment, boost EU energy security and send a strong message to the world on dealing with the climate crisis, George Papandreou, a former prime minister of Greece, told New Europe in an interview in Athens. 

European Commission’s president-elect Ursula von der Leyen has pledged to introduce a “European Green Deal” within 100 days of taking office, which Papandreou said must be developed and implemented.

“I can’t judge, it’s very early how the new Commission is going to work but we all need to hope, on the one hand, but also fight and lobby and pressure and mobilise to make sure that a European Green is developed and implemented – and I think that’s not only important for Europe. I think it will give a new inspiration to the younger generation, it will open up new possibilities of development, jobs, employment but also much more independence of our energy resources from other third countries. But it will also be a very strong message for the whole world, which is dealing with the planetary question of climate crisis,” Papandreou said, who is also the president of Socialist International and a member of Global SDSN, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.''



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