The US’ economic sanctions appear to be taking a toll on Iran as an increasing number of EU nations are beginning to comply with Washington’s policy of economically isolating the Islamic Republic in an effort to halt Tehran’s aggressive policies in the Middle East and its support for terror organisations.

Confrontation escalates

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House National Security Adviser John Bolton believe that Iran appears to be preparing for launching a series of attacks against US troops and other interests in the region in retaliation for the White House’s decision to classify Iran’s hardline Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group alongside ISIS, Hamas, and al-Qiada, as well as its closest  ideological and sectarian ally, Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The US has over 5,000 troops in Iraq and hundreds in Syria and has also deployed the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln to the Near East theatre of operations in to counter the threat “posed by Iranian regime forces”.


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