The increased exports of American liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe will decrease the European Union’s reliance on Russia and boost EU energy security, former Member of the European Parliament Niki Tzavela, who served in the energy and EU-US relations committees, told New Europe in an interview on 2 May.

Commenting on the results of the EU-US Energy Council High-Level Business to Business Energy Forum held in Brussels, Tzavela said by phone, “The decision of the USA to start supplying Europe with redundant American gas is very crucial for stability in the Western World,” adding, “This for me is the ultimate solution for keeping the West free from the Russian monopoly of Gazprom.”

The LNG imports will help reduce gas prices, Tzavela said, adding that the US LNG will boost diversification of sources, especially as Gazprom plans to complete the Nord Stream-2 pipeline from Russia to Germany.


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