Now in its fourth year, the 2019 Delphi Economic Forum (DEF) has grown into a true Davos-like venue, with groups from all over the planet vying to use the Forum to broadcast their message.

This year’s theme was “The Challenge of Inclusive Growth.” Greece’s SYRIZA government has steadily warmed up to the DEF since its launch in 2016 and participated extensively this year, as in 2018, with an eye on May’s upcoming Euro elections and Greek national elections which must be held by October at the latest.

Although not the February 28-March 3 DEF’s announced topic, political and diplomatic developments in Southeast Europe were front and centre, with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras using his keynote address to announce plans to visit Skopje soon and visitors from across the region, Brussels and Washington working extensively on the sidelines to try to deepen acceptance of the Greece-North Macedonia “Prespes Agreement” in the very likely event SYRIZA is voted out of office later this year and the simmering  anti-Prespes sentiment of the Greek people is once again taken into serious consideration by the next government in Athens.


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