Europe installed 2.6 GW of new offshore wind energy capacity in 2018, showing an 18% increase, WindEurope said on February 8, releasing statistics that also showed that 15 new offshore wind farms came on line.

The UK and Germany accounted for 85% of the new capacity: 1.3 GW and 969 MW respectively, according to WindEurope. Europe now has 105 offshore wind farms across 11 countries with a total capacity of 18.5 GW. This is around 10% of the total installed wind energy capacity in Europe – the rest is onshore.

The size and scale of offshore wind continues to rise. The average size of the new turbines installed last year was 6.8 MW, 15% up on 2017. The UK installed the world’s biggest offshore turbines – 8.8 MW – and opened the world’s largest offshore wind farm – Walney 3 extension, 657 MW.


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