The European Commission said on February 4 that the EC has approved, under the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed acquisition of joint control over Formosa I International Investment Co., Ltd. (Formosa I) of Taiwan by Macquarie Corporate Holdings Pty Limited (Macquarie) of Australia, Ørsted InvestCo Ltd (Ørsted) of Denmark, Swancor Ind. Co. Ltd (Swancor) of Taiwan and JERA Power International BV (JERA) of Japan.

According to the Commission, Formosa I is currently jointly controlled by Macquarie, Ørsted and Swancor. Formosa I is an offshore wind farm project being developed, constructed and operated near Miaoli, Taiwan.

Macquarie is involved in a diverse range of businesses, including investing in a wide range of sectors like resources and commodities, energy, financial institutions, infrastructure and real estate.


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