Since September 2016, when Shavkat Mirziyoyev began his presidency, Uzbekistan has embarked on a process of deep economic and social reforms. We are determined to make our country more modern and our economy more efficient, to manage it in a more open and accountable way and to become an integral part, not only of the region, but also the global social, political and economic landscape. 


Our commitment to this cause has already been internationally recognised. We are very proud that, firstly, The Economist named Uzbekistan ‘the most improved country of the year’ in 2019 and then the World Bank’s Doing Business report in 2020 stated that the business climate in the country had improved significantly and, notably, the country had moved up the rankings to 69th out of 190 countries thanks to reforms in such key areas as tax payments, minority investor protections, cross-border trade and contract enforcement.

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