From January 15, two gas pipelines for Nord Stream 2 will be laid and trenched by the pipe-laying vessel Fortuna, assisted by the construction vessels Baltic Explorer and Murman and other supply vessels, the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) said on its website on December 22. Work on the Gazprom-led pipeline from Russia to Germany was halted almost a year ago due to the threat of US sanctions against pipe-layers.

The original Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act of 2019 (PEESA) targeted providers of pipe laying vessels for the construction of Russian energy export pipelines involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2, TurkStream or any project that is a successor to either. The measures apply to pipe laying at depths of 100 feet or more. That forced the Swiss-Dutch company Allseas Group to immediately suspend its on pipeline in December 2019 and to exit the project.

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