There is a new social class emerging in, still, few countries of the western world, the class of the “hopeless”. Middle class people who lost their jobs and salaries and spent their savings to manage the first round of the pandemic lockdown. Without job and salary, they lost the ground under their feet and in no time, they became neo-poor.

With no income and savings, they now face the ugly reality of survival and their main quest is to feed the family. Their social status and dignity have gone, together with the hope for a better tomorrow. They see no tomorrow although there is one, potentially even better, and they are desperate and at the limits.

For the time being, under the restrictions and the fear of the pandemic, reactions are mostly limited to social media. However, social disobedience in matters of payments of obligations (loans, taxes, utilities) is rapidly growing. Furthermore, despite the restrictions, there are countries such as Germany and Bulgaria, with daily mass demonstrations.

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