Kazakhstan Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbayev reported about the overfulfilling the plan of energy production, as well as an increase the export of oil by a result of 2016, according to the press service of Akorda.

The plan of oil production was 75.5 million tonnes, actual volume was 78 million tonnes. Over-fulfillment due to production at Kashagan, where about 1 million tonnes of oil has been received over the past year,” Bozumbayev said.

According to him, export of Kazakh oil increased to 62 million tonnes, of which the Caspian Pipeline Consortium pumped 40 million tonnes. A liquefied gas production increased by 136 tonnes,” Bozumbaev said.

The Kazakh Energy Minister also spoke about the plans to enhance the exploration, as well as about the prospects of reducing the uranium mining due of the unfavorable situation on the market.

Kazakhstan is a major producer of uranium, and one of the big producers of oil and gas in the world.


(neweurope.eu, February 13, 2017)

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