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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Greece Will Seek Algerian LNG If Russian Gas Supply Cut

Greece is discussing additional liquefied natural gas supply from Algeria to cover shortages and help neighboring nations if a gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine disrupts pipeline deliveries


French Prosecutors Open Probe Into Total CEO's Death

French prosecutors opened a probe into the death of Christophe de Margerie, head of French oil group Total, following his death in a plane crash in Russia, local media reported Tuesday


Croatian Court Restores Two Exploration Licences Ruling Pending on Third - INA

Croatian oil and gas company INA said on Friday the country's High Administrative Court has restored the validity of two licences for mineral resource exploration previously revoked by the economy ministry while a ruling on a third licence is pending


Sinking Oil Prices Spike Recession Fears in Putin 's Russia

Falling oil prices are putting pressure on the Russian budget and may drive the country into recession

19th National Energy Conference Energy and Development 2014
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The Long View

Uprisings Here, There, and Everywhere

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The now persistent uprising in Turkey has been followed by an even larger uprising in Brazil, which in turn has been followed by a less noticed, but no less real, uprising in Bulgaria. Of course, these uprisings were not the first but merely the latest in a truly worldwide series of such uprisings in recent years. There are many ways to analyze this phenomenon. I see them as the continuing process of what started as the world-revolution of 1968.

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