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Monday, January 22, 2018
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Energy Group Engie Romania Buys 262 Vehicles from French Car Maker

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French energy group Engies Romanian subsidiary bought 262 vehicles from Renault Commercial Roumanie, the local sales division of French car maker Renault.

The total value of this contract was some EUR 3.58 million, VAT not included, reports local News.ro .

Renault was the only bidder for this contract, for which Engie had an estimated value of EUR 3.86 million. Renault will deliver to Engie 250 utility vehicles and 12 passenger cars.

Renault also won the big for Engies previous vehicle purchase, at the end of 2016, supplying it with 266 vehicles for EUR 3.21 million, VAT not included.

Engie is one of the two main gas distributors and suppliers in Romania, alongside German group E.On. It serves the southern half of Romania, a market of 1.6 million consumers. The company also owns two wind parks in Romania and has a total of 3,620 employees.

Renault Commercial Roumanie is Renaults sales company in Romania, trading the Dacia, Renault and Nissan brand on the local market.

( romania-insider.com)
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