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Weighted Average Import Price (WAIP) of Natural Gas in Greece

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According to the provisions of the Ministerial Decision No ─1/├/400 (Government Gazette Issue ┬ĺ 33/19.1.2007), entitled źDetermination of the procedure applied to collect and process the data required to calculate the weighed average import price of Natural Gasö, the companies importing Natural gas in the National Natural Gas System (NNGS) are required to submit to RAE, every three months, data about the quantities and prices of imported Natural Gas.

RAE, within the framework of its competence regarding monitoring of the energy market, following the provisions of par. 1 of article 5 in Law 2773/1999, publicized for the first time on 2.8.2011 the data on the calculated weighted average import price (WAIP) of Natural Gas in the NNGS of Greece, on a monthly basis. Publicized data on WAIP prices were the result of calculations performed on the data provided by importers according to the provisions of the aforementioned Ministerial Decision, and for the period of March 2008-March 2011.

The chart below has been updated with the monthly data on WAIP for the period of April 2011-September 2011 and presents the trend of the monthly data on WAIP against the trend of the monthly data on daily price of balancing gas (HTAE), as announced on the internet site of the Transmission System Operator (DESFA).

* For the purpose of this presentation, just the monthly data for the last three-year period (from October 2008 to September 2011) are presented in the updated chart. For the full set of data, please refer to the Gas Prices Document, below.

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